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Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 19/7/2018
July 21, 2018 04:32 PM PDT
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Magnetic North x Taiyo Na - Summertime ft. Conchita Campos
Mona aka Sadgirl -  Summer Groove (feat. Mk the Cigar)
Shubzilla and Bill Beats -  I Want
Uzuhan - FILA (feat. pH-1, Sam Ock)
Lyrics Born -  Electric Chair (feat. Corey Glover)
Tracy Cruz -  Keep Our Soul Alive
Jerrica -  Over It
Osean - THAT WAY (prod. by WAVMAN)
South Central Cartel Havikk, Bool Aid - Red & Blue Shoes Ft - Crenshaw Corruptlon

RIP Dennis Ten

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 12/7/2018 - Special Guest : YEAR OF THE OX
July 21, 2018 03:08 PM PDT
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Virginia's HipHop Dynamic Duo - YEAR OF THE OX joins us following their show in Montreal.
Listen in as JL and Lyricks speak on IHob, Awkwafina, the progress and acceptance of Asian American musicians, future projects, and of course... Montreal!

JL- Guaranteed Raw ft. J-Smaals, Manifest, & Lyricks
Tee Cambo - Lackin'
Talk spot with JL
JL - Possessed Swordsmen ft. Lyricks
Dumbfoundead - Send Me To War (feat. Jessi & Year of the Ox)
Talk spot with Lyricks

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 28/6/2018 - Special Guest : SHUBZILLA and BILL BEATS
July 20, 2018 05:08 PM PDT
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June 28/18 - #BeatsFromTheEast on @cjlo1690am welcomes Seattle Hiphop Producer/MC duo - @SHUBZILLA and @BILLBEATS !

Tune in for a very fun conversation, as we cover a lot of cool and current stuff, including: iHob, Starbucks, Bob Ross, The Wonder Twins, and of course their brand new album - BOOMERS V.2!!!

Dumbfoundead - Battle
Joyce Wrice -Rocket Science (feat. Kay Franklin)
Shubzilla and Bill Beats - Can't Afford To Quit
Talk w/ Shubzilla and Bill Beats
Shubzilla and Bill Beats - I Want
Talk w/ Shubzilla and Bill Beats
Shubzilla and Bill Beats - Doing Fine
Ann One - Milk & Honey
Deerhoof - Your Dystopic Creation Doesn't Fear You (feat. Awkwafina)

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 07/06/2018 - SOCAN Night
June 17, 2018 03:50 PM PDT
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In this Episode:
-Nothing but Cancon in this one! Showin' love to the Asian-Canadians rockin' it!
-Not a lot of new stuff (If any).
-What I think about racist Star Wars' fans

Gunnarolla - The Foreign Language Song
Tyga - Nann Nigga (feat. Honey Cocaine)
J.Reyez - Don't Worry
Kimmortal - Dying in Flight
Jerrica - Private Party
Raiel - Gone
Kristine Sa - I Got What U Want
Masia One - Saturday (ft Tanika  Charles)
Hua Li - Haven't You Heard
Pryde - How U Doin' (ft. Traphik)

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 31/5/2018 - Special Guest : Trus Real
June 06, 2018 04:45 PM PDT
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In this episode, we are joined by Los Angeles-based hiphop MC, TRUS REAL!

Listen in to hear about his new album Something for Her 2, as well as his take on different topics including:
Topics include:
-Pickin up girls with rap
-Pusha T vs  Drake
-Why less and less artists are releasing full-length albums
-Submitting a demo to a major label (a MUST for aspiring musicians!)
-Roseanne Barr
-and, of course, the man himself!

This is one NOT to miss!
Track listing:
Notorious MSG - Red Tonight
Trus Real - Sky
Interview w/ Trus Real
Trus Real - Home Base
Trus Real - Memory Space
Lex The Lexicon Artist - Peep Game
Tyga - Nann Nigga ft Honey Cocaine

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 24/5/2018 - Special Guest : Lex The Lexicon Artist
May 26, 2018 09:37 AM PDT
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It's been a while since we had one but...SPECIAL GUEST Y'ALL!


Join in as Oaktown’s very own Lex The Lexicon artist joins in to speak on her upcoming debut FULL-LENGTH album Raging Ego and all kinds of other cool things!

NOTE: Unfortunately, due to tech difficulties in the studio, my mic sounds weird throughout this episode sad

Track List:
Traphik - Be Mine feat Myles Parrish
Clara C - Rose Red
Lex the Lexicon Artist - Glasses
Interview with Lex the Lexicon Artist
Lex the Lexicon Artist - Raging Ego
Buhay Cali - Summertime Again
Mona aka Sadgirl - Fiction (feat. Tsugumi from Soulhead)

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 17/05/2018
May 27, 2018 12:43 PM PDT
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Lots of new-school cats in this one! 
Lots of damn-talented females!
Content-wise, definitely one of my favorite episodes!

Reddy - Turkey (feat. Year of the OX)
China MAC - TALK ft. Jezz Gasoline 
Mila J - Welcome To California
Jessica Sanchez x Ricky Breaker - Caught Up 
Saweetie - ICY GRL (feat Kehlani) [Bae Mix)
Honey C - No Time
Malibu Miitch - Give Her Some Money
Kimmortal - I'm Blue
Rudy Kalma - California Genesis 
Towkio - Symphony (feat. Teddy Jackson)
Fifi Rong - Attack

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 10/05/2018
June 10, 2018 02:45 PM PDT
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Jysa BP - For the City
Mark Reddito - Cloud Keep (ft. Abbi Press)
Year of The Ox  - Seven Rings
Bambu - Might Go Psycho
WhatsGoodBen - Don't Talk About It (Ft Luix)
Lyrics Born - Hott Bizness
Far-East Movement - F-VR (feat. Candice Pillay & No Riddim)
Lex The Lexicon Artist - Artist Anthem
Bao Vo - Dani
Namoo Nara - Electricity
Fifi Rong - Attack

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 26/4/2018
May 22, 2018 04:19 PM PDT
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Mostly New SH-T, plus one throwback to the dawn of Dirty-South hiphop!

Don't sleep!

Lyrics Born - Callin' Out
2 Live Crew - It's Gonna Be Fresh
J.Reyez - Don't Wanna See Me Make It ft. Cassidy
Chow Mane - Da! Da! Da!
Cinikill - Pure Evil ft. 10 Headed Skeleton
Kurt Hugo Schneider & Megan Lee - DNA (cover)
Mila J - No breaks
Ann One - This Ain't Love
Dumbfoundead - Eleven
Ruby Ibarra - Here
Yoonmirae - Kawi Bawi Bo

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 12/4/2018 BACK FROM VACATION!
April 15, 2018 03:20 PM PDT
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Lots of newer cats, but I also made sure to inject some of the golden-age BFTE magic into this one!

Magnetic North and Taiyo Na / Fukushima
Talk Spot
Chow Mane / Mooncakes
Kero One and Azure / Momma Said
Malibu Miitch / Gwapamole
Talk Spot
MBNel / Love My Gang
Maya Hirasedo / I'm Lovin' It With You
Rocky Sandoval / Still In Love
Dumbfoundead / The Defiant Wons (ft. Jay Park)
Chong Ali / 100 Shots Deep
Talk Spot
Miyachi - Wakarimasen

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