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Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 194 - 10/22/2013
November 01, 2013 09:33 PM PDT
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Ming & Ping / Out of Mind
Talk Spot
Andrew Huang / Day by Day
Eddie Quotez / Dope Shit ft. Masia One (prod.BKS)
Nikko Dator / Earn You Some Badges
Jones / Cheddar (Ft. Awkwafina)
Lil Crazed / Twerk
Talk Spot
Clara C / Heartstrings (remixed)
David Choi / Rollercoaster
Raiel / Angel (acoustic v.)
Rocky Sandoval / All Night Long feat. Leezy Soprano
Talk Spot
Prometheus Brown / Michelle Malkin
Dumbfoundead / After Two
Snacky Chan / Big in Japan II feat. Reks & EGO
CG, Redshotz & John E. / Uptown Confidential
Jhene Aiko / Stranger
Sonomi / Nantoka Naru
Mika Nakashima / If the World Ends Tomorrow
Talk Spot
D- Pryde / Ridin Thru L.A. ft. August Rigo
George Nozuka / Beautiful (ft Jackie Boyz)
Epik High / Paranoid delusion Part 3 (feat. TBNY)
Honey Cocaine / A Little Ham
Talk Spot
Jay Park / Don't Let Me Go
Mickey Cho / Moleskine
Formo Sir / Music Talk (feat. The 49ers)
Robert de Boron / All On The Table feat. Magnetic North & Taiyo Na (Album ver)
Joseph Vincent / Set You Free
Talk Spot
J.Reyez / Me and My People

Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 193 - 10/15/2013
October 20, 2013 05:29 PM PDT
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David Choi - Chill Tonight
George Nozuka - I'm Reaching Out
Masia One - Make Up ft Isis Salam remixed by Man in a Loft DT
Kahi - It`s Me (Feat. Dumbfoundead)
Blush! -  All Stars
Southeast Cartel - Alas Dos
Eddie Quotez - My Way ft. Yelloo
J-Reyez - Turn It Up
Chops - Keep On ft. Mountain Brothers & Ann One (K.Plentay Remix)
Incise & Hydroponikz & Anika - Strife (Re:plus Remix)
FlowEthics - Power From Within
Raiel -  Gone
Mika Nakashima - HEAVEN ON EARTH
Drunken Fists -  Mic Check
Mona AKA Sad Girl -  I Don't Care!!
Far-East Movement - Knock Knock
Drunken Tiger, Yoonmirae, Bizzy -  뭉쳐 (All In Together)
Bambu - Sun Of A Gun - 03 Last Year (featuring D-Styles)
71Raw - stay True feat. The Black Knights
Organic Thoughts -  World Renowned (ft Large Professor)
MSG -  Oh wait time (Feat. D-One)
Epik High -  Wordkill (iHoneyJoo.com)
Fresh Kid Ice - I'll Be Here

Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 192 - 10/08/2013 : CHOPS
October 14, 2013 09:05 PM PDT
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Special guest Asian-American hiphop pioneer/super-producer CHOPS (of the Mountain Brothers) joins in! He is part of the first Asian-American hiphop act to ever be signed to a major label! We will be speaking on his career and his latest project Strength in Numbers!

Clara C / Nayelli
Talk Spot
Plaitwrights / Ustle
Mountain Brothers / Days of Being Dumb
Talk Spot w/ Chops
Chops / Keep On ft. Mountain Brothers & Ann One
Baiyu / Surrender
9muses / Living Person
J.Reyez / What You Know About Me ft JimmyBoi
Talk Spot
John Park / Right Here
Rimi / Imma Star (Feat. Warmman & 감자)
MC Mong / Cruel Words ft Sook Hee
Elise Estrada / Unlove You
Far-East Movement / Sunset Cemetery ft Daft Punk
Joyo Velarde / Mama's Got a Brand New Swag (So Exquisite)
George Nozuka / Pay Attention
Airplane Boys / Affliction
Big Will / This Year
Rekstizzy / Bliss / Roy Choi Speaks (feat. Brother K)
Kish / you can't sleep on a shorty
Talk Spot
David Choi / Chill Tonight
Mizz Nina  / Kurnia Feat. Noh Hujan
Saltnpaper / Heart Storm
Talk Spot

Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 191 - 10/01/2013
October 04, 2013 09:19 PM PDT
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Awkwafina / Peggy Bundy
Talk Spot
Amp / Better
J-REYEZ / This Isn't Who We Are feat. Jordan Lorenzo
Double.D2k / One Night Stand
Honey Cocaine / Really Really
Talk Spot
Chunk Dirty / Booty Taste
Deo Swagson / That's How it Goes
Thelma Aoyama / Look
Flowethics / Radio
Talk Spot
Masia One / Major Masia (ft RZA) Taso Remix
Jargon / Win Or Lose (feat. Southstar & Jimmyboi)
Epik High / Map The Soul (Worldwide Edition) ft. Kero One & MYK
Talk Spot
Chops / Keep On featuring Mountain Brothers & Ann One
Miss Cat / Perfunctory
Erika David / Make You Feel
Talk Spot
Vienna Teng / Flyweight Love
Aziatix / Slippin Away
Denda Mao / Love Wit Chu
Talk Spot
Far-East Movement / There Will Be No Rain ft. Sha Sha Jones
Drunken Tiger / Sweet Dream ft. Bizzy and Yoonmirae
Kim Tae Woo / (Oppa) [feat. Megan Lee]
Talk Spot
Boombox Saints / Kinda Like a Big Deal
Baiyu / Surrender
Dumbfoundead / Selfish
George Nozuka / 2nd Love
Talk Spot

Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 190 - 09/24/2013 : AWKWAFINA
September 29, 2013 05:29 PM PDT
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In this episode, we speak to one of NYC's new-bloods in the hiphop game. AWKWAFINA has been causing quite the stir on the internet and we're gonna find out why! smiley

Chunk Dirty -  I'm a Gangsta
Talk Spot
Nitro Microphone Underground - B.O.N.
Bambu - No Waiting
Monsieur Nov - J'ai Pas Reve
Talk Spot
Namie Amuro - Get Myself Back
Robert De Boron - Sunny Days feat. AMP
Elise Estrada - Heartless
Talk Spot
Hopie - Breathe
Airplane Boys -  Little Brother
Drunken Tiger - BizzyTigerYoonmiraee
Talk Spot
Masia One - Mobile to Mobile
Shogunna - G-Funk
FlowEthics - Stay (Just a Little Bit)
Talk Spot
Awkwafina - My Vag
Talk Spot w/ Awkwafina
Awkwafina - NYC Bitche$
Talk Spot
Clara C - Wanting What I Need
Denda Mao - Dame na Koi Demo ii
Tracy Cruz -  Joyful Rain
Talk Spot

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Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 189 - 09/17/2013
September 20, 2013 10:13 PM PDT
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BFTE 4th-Year Anniversary Episode! No guests, but awesome music and a crazy opening!!!

Deep Foundation / Wildlife (feat. Gifted, Hydroponikz & DJ Mike Intellect)
Talk Spot
San-E / Love Sick
DFD / Clear
Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mirae & Bizzy / The Cure
Jolly V  / Lover
Mona a.k.a. Sadgirl / Come Back to Me (feat. Tommy-C)
Talk Spot
Masia One / Warrior's Tongue (Kraddy Remix)
Southeast Cartel / Originally From Pinas
Jargon / Geeked Up
Andrew Huang / Night
Talk Spot
Tameoka Sonomi / Purple
August Rigo / U Smile
imaginary friend / I Knew This Would Be Love ft. Kina Grannis
Judith Hill / Desperation
J-Natural / Thief in the Night
Outsider / Luv Business (Feat. Bizniz A.K.A Young Gm, J`kyun)
Jin  / Fill in the Blanks ft. Mister Vee
Talk Spot
Epik High / Habit (feat. Ha Dong Kyun of WANTED)
Da Mouth / Defensive mentality
Spot And Ess / My Bitch Like...
Talk Spot
Lyrics Born / Let Me In, Let Me Out (Remix)
Far-East Movement / I'm a Champ
AMP / In Your Hands
Talk Spot
Magnetic North & Taiyo Na / New Love ft. Heather Park (Re:plus Remix)
Alexander Jung / Run Away Train feat. Kay Lim
Ann One / But Come Back

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Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 188 - 09/10/2013 : Rekstizzy
September 18, 2013 07:59 PM PDT
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QUEENS, NYC REPRESENT! Hip hop artist REKSTIZZY joins us to speak on his new album "Whatever You Say"

Watsky / A New Kind of Sexy ft. Intuition & Dumbfoundead
Talk Spot
Jay Park / JOAH
Jolly V / Lover
Lil Crazed / Take Off ft. Paul Kim
Mona a.k.a. Sad Girl / The Best Day of My Life
Denda Mao / Sunny, Sometimes Rainy
Miss Cat / Call My Name
Talk Spot
D- Pryde / Nightmare
Epik High / Whitetip ft. MYK, YDG, Dok2
Honey Cocaine / Hold Some Nuts
Talk Spot
Southeast Cartel / Filipino Spitters
Petey Lee / I'ma Do Me
Formo Sir / Be Yourself
Talk Spot
Rekstizzy / One Track Mind (feat. Ann One)
Talk Spot w/ Rekstizzy
Rekstizzy / Riding Shotgun
Shin-B / Thirsty
Johnnyphlo / Preface
Chris Cash / Cake ft. Freddy B - Starring Ashley Vee
Talk Spot
Clara C & David Choi / Darling It's You
Joseph Vincent / If You Stay
Talk Spot w/ Movie News
Double-K / Hotpants (prod. by Double Dragon)

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Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 187 - 09/03/2013 : CLARA C !!!
September 03, 2013 10:59 PM PDT
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DJ Mister Vee and Marina (from CJLO's Funkshui) interview internet-sensation singer/songwriter Clara C!

Clara speaks on her upcoming Acoustic tour (which includes a Montreal stop on October 6), crowd-surfing, survival-French, Halloween costumes, N-Sync, and tons of other grooviness!

Paul Kim / Blurred Lines (cover) ft. Joseph Vincent & David So
Talk Spot
Mona aka Sad Girl / Asian Funk (feat. Gipper, Daichi, Yow & Tabu Zombie)
Lil Crazed / To Whom It May Concern ft. Tommy C
J-REYEZ / What You Know About Me ft. JimmyBoi
Michelle Martinez / Do You Miss Me
Joseph Vincent / Heartbreak Girl
Talk Spot
Masia One / Milk Truck Man
Raygee / In The City
Andrew Huang / Too Much
Baiyu / The One
Talk Spot
Gentlemen's Vibe  / Ms Melody ft Ren
Plaitwrights / Take
9muses / Living Person
Talk Spot
Clara C / Quesedilla
Talk Spot w/ Clara C
Clara C & David Choi / Darling It's You
Gunnarolla / Konkai (This Time) ft. HetareBBoy
David Fung / Bobalife
David Fung / Make it Tasty
Heesun Lee / Life is Too Short
Talk Spot
Jae Jin / Stand With Me (Feat. Elle & J. Han)
Alexander Jung / Rodeo
Petey Lee / I'mma Do Me
Talk Spot w/ Movie News

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Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 186 - 08/27/2013 : Kwizyne
September 03, 2013 09:42 PM PDT
itunes pic

KWIZYNE (Singapore-Based MC) is our guest!  Join in as he discusses music, the Singaporean hip hop scene, Kendrick Lamar, new releases, and all kinds of other coolness!

Lotus / Cannon in the Heavens ft. Lyrics Born   
Re: Plus /  It All Turns Out Great feat. MC Newsense from ArtOfficial & Nate Vibez -Black Chiwawa remix   
Bambu /  Yayo   
Soriheda /  ahhopsu   
Soulime /  Tonight ft. Bizzy   
Azuré /  He's A Dreamer Ft. Oli Gundro   
Masia One and Sizzla Kalonji /  Freedom   
Eastside Magic /  The City   
Honey Cocaine /  Bad Gal   
Spott and Ess /  WSUP ft. Seth Kay   
Monkey King X Kwizyne /  Hello Goodbye   
Kwizyne /  9 to 5   
D-Pryde /  Proud   
Plaitwrights /  HO.rse   
Andrew Huang /  Voyager   
2Ne1 /  Falling in Love   
Thelma Aoyama /  virtual insanity   
Miss Cat /  love your evidence   

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Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 185 - 08/21/2013 : Funkshui!!!
August 21, 2013 10:44 AM PDT
itunes pic

Featuring the hosts of CJLO's hit-multi-award-winning comedy show, FUNKSHUI! Marina and Patricia will join in for a night of...um...Funkshui!  And we try to squeeze in some music as well!...Ladies and gentlemen, you've been warned!!!

Adam Warrock / Sozin's Comet
Talk Spot
Honey Cocaine / No Grind No pain
Talk Spot : FunkShui Takeover
Honey Cocaine / No Grind No pain
Clara C & David Choi / Darling It's You
Talk Spot w/ FunkShui
Sam Ock / Good Morning, Good Evening
Lyricks / Do It Live
Petey-O / The Reflection ft. Manifest and Paradise
Talk Spot w/ FunkShui
Rocky Rivera / No Love
Far-East Movement, Kid Cudi, & King Chip  / Ride 4 U
Joanlee / Top of Your Lungs
Talk Spot
Imaginary Friend / I Knew This Would Be Love (feat. Kina Grannis)
Robert De Boron  / Carry On feat. Taro Miura from HO17 & Dawngun
Talk Spot
Southeast Cartel / Rap Rap
Talk Spot w/ Movie News
Talk Spot w/ FunkShui
Jason Min / The Most of Today
Clazziquai / Beat In Love (Nakata Remix)
Spot And Ess / Don't Let Me Down feat. Emmalyn
Talk Spot
FunkShui (endcap)

NOTE: To hear the fate to the Funkshui girls, please listen to their August 25 episode!

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