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Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 20/07/2017 - Special Guest : FRANKI LOVE
August 06, 2017 11:28 AM PDT
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Tune in as DJ Mister Vee interviews one of L.A./N.Y.’s finest!
Singer/Songwriter Franki Love joins in to speak to us on lots of awesome topics, such as : funnel cake, In-n-Out Burgers, Prince, Julie Andrews, and of course, her latest album OTIAS

David Choi / Don't Forget
MC Jin / So Precious ft. Heesun Lee and Chris Belmont
Franki Love / Shadow
Interview with Franki Love pt 1
Franki Love / First Degree
Interview with Franki Love pt 2
Franki Love / Shoes
Tia Carrere and Daniel Ho / Pua I Ka Ua
Haruko Ohinata / Indigo Child
Jay Park / Limousine ft. KRNFX

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 13/07/2017 - Tribute to FRESH KID ICE (R.I.P.)
July 17, 2017 05:30 PM PDT
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Fresh Kid Ice was the first prominent Asian rapper.
He was also a pioneer of the Dirty South hip hop scene and big player in the battle against music censorship.

Hiphop world. AA music scene. We have lost a legend.

RIP to Fresh Kid Ice. You will never be forgotten.

En-Z - Sound Imaging
Fresh Kid Ice ft Flo Rida - Make Ya Baby Daddy Madd
BEIJING BOIZ - Talk to me now
Deep Foundation - Acknowledgement
Fresh Kid Ice - Miami the Bottom
Far-East Movement - Melody (feat. play n skillz & Fingazz)
K.i.D, Illmillion, Traphik, and IBU - Bedrock (Remix)|
2 Live Crew - Me So Horny
Andrew Huang - Blaster
2 Live Crew - Banned In The USA


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 06/07/2017
July 25, 2017 03:56 PM PDT
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Souleaf - Cali Sunshine
Jazmin Sisters - PYT
Dumbfoundead - Water ft. G.Soul
Mona a.k.a. Sadgirl - MAP
Novelists - Morning
August Rigo - Beg For it Feat. Ginette Claudette
Jhené Aiko - Hello Ego  ft. Chris Brown
Manila Killa & AOBeats - I'm OK (feat. Shaylen) [SMLE Remix]
Chops - Turn It Up ft. Tiger JK and Tasha 
Sabotawj - Earcandy ft Randola
Vandal - Dusty Wonton ft. Masia One

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 29/06/2017 - Special Guest : ALFA !!!
July 01, 2017 05:06 PM PDT
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Our very favorite L.A.-Jersey Girl makes the three-peat on BFTE and speaks on her brand new album "Spark & Fury"! It's a great chat as usual, featuring some great new album-cuts!

Kero1 and Azure - Real Ones
Mona a.k.a. Sadgirl - Laugh Now Cry Later
Alfa - Take Me Home
Talk Spot ft Alfa
Alfa - Man on the Radio
Talk Spot ft Alfa
Alfa - Round and Round
Kawehi - Smoke Screens
Little Dragon - Should I
Epik High - AMOR FATI (Feat. Kim Jong Wan of Nell)

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 22/062017
June 25, 2017 02:23 PM PDT
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Sean Rhee / Hangover ft. Nafla
Talk Spot
Joyo Velarde / Strong Possibility ft. Lyrics Born
Megan Lee / Open Arms (feat. Timothy Delaghetto)
Nump / I'm So Filipino ft. Jessica Chanel
Franki Love / First Degree
Talk Spot
Alfa / Rubber Band
Keyrei / Angel Baby
Jerry Jean / Make up your Mind
Talk Spot
Kero1 and Azure / Light It Up
Talk Spot
M-Flo / One Day (Kreva Remix)

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 15/6/2017
June 18, 2017 04:25 PM PDT
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Happy Father's Day to ALL DAD's in the world!

Jason Chu / Dear Mom & Dad
Magnetic North x Taiyo Na / Summertime ft. Conchita Campos
Gowe (Gifted On West East) / Song For Dad
Jimpy / fathers day
Kawehi / Pop Song
Miss Cat / I Dont Wanna Fall in Love
Little Dragon / Sweet
Sean Rhee / Father

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 1/6/2017
June 03, 2017 11:43 AM PDT
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Far East Movement / Get Offa Me ft. Trek
The Juan Maclean / Happy House (Radio Edit)
Alfa / Blue Ailee / Live or Die (Feat. Baechigi)
Keyrei / Love Sensation
Masia One / Warrior's Tongue (Che Vicious Remix)
Jin / Open Mic Nite ft. StylesP Cube / Far, Near
Andrew Huang & Cuckoo / Coffee
Dumbfoundead / Hyung (feat. Dok2, Simon Dominic & Tiger JK)
Joyce Wrice / Good Morning

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 20/04/2017
April 29, 2017 04:25 PM PDT
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Lots of classic boom-bap in this one, with a wee bit of pop-feel appeal to it. smiley

Lyrics Born - Pack Up Remix (ft. Evidence & KRS-One)
Kero One - Kero & Azure! - Jazzhop
Bambu - Powerless
Jay Park - The truth is
Little Dragon - High
Dumbfoundead - JAM SESSION 2.0 (ft Herbal T, Esna,  Tio, CAV3, Chris Hong, Lukas, DJ Zo)
Year of the Ox - Home feat. Donye'a G (prod. By Ghost Loft)
Sevenes - bulaklak (feat keen)
Melissa Polinar - Riding Solo
Sam Ock - Distance (feat. Ruth Cho)

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 13/04/2017
May 14, 2017 02:21 PM PDT
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A good mix of RnB and boom-bap! (Dat starRo track though!)

Jones - Cheddar (Ft. Awkwafina)
Tasha - Gotta Get Love
Little Dragon - High (Michael Uzowuru and Jeff Kleinman Remix Featuring Denzel Curry and Twelve_len - Dirty)
Ameriie - Out Loud
starRo & Kyle Dion - Time Off
Sabotawj x Digital Martyrs - Dope Shit
Trus Real - Love Is Everything
Kimmortal - Jungle (feat. Jillthy & Missy D)
A-Team - Ready[feat. Jolly V]
Raphael Di Raddo - Take My Hand (feat. Woodly & Sara May)

Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 01/12/2017
April 05, 2017 02:04 PM PDT
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Some straight RnB, along with some hiphop, and jazzy urban vibes!

Fugitive 9 - LANDMINES prod. CHAD HUGO
Jay Park - Aquaman
Jessica Domingo - F.N.S.
Sam Ock - Space (feat. Jennifer Chung)
Go Yama - Space Dandy Bump
Joyce Wrice - Ain't No Need (Prod. by Mndsgn and DJ Harrison)
Mila J - Kickin’ Back
Heesun Lee - Treasure (feat. Laquan Green)
Hopie - Love Song
Jolly V -  Lover

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