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Beats From the EAST on CJLO - THE RETURN - 8/21/2016
August 20, 2016 09:27 PM PDT
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After 1 year and 3 months of hiatus, I finally decided to hop back into the studio and delve into the world of BFTE.

When you're away from something that you love, 1 year feels like 5 years. 

I walked into the studio with the comfortable and cocky "Yo, I got this" attitude. But as soon as the mic was on...I was a complete mess. I felt like it was my first episode from 6 years ago. 

But fear not, I will pick it up again!
Here's the playlist from my not-so-glorious comeback. 

Masia One - 88 Vibes
JKey & Rob Nah'msaying- 샤방 SHABANG
Dumbfoundead - Safe
Odessa Kane - Riot
Far*East Movement - Up To No Good (feat. Adrian Delgado)
Jae Jin - Running
Megan Lee - Stronger
A.I. feat. Chaka Khan-Through the Fire
Jazmin Sisters - Valentine Heart
Awkwafina x Margaret Cho - GREEN TEA
Hua Li -  Faded in the Night
SS Flannel - Love From Los Angeles F. Stepzon, AYEKAY & Yung Lio 

Beats From The East on CJLO - 2015-03-24 : JASON CHU
August 03, 2016 04:33 PM PDT
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Yes, I'm coming back on the air very soon. But before I do, here's a little something to set it off. It's the last episode before I went on hiatus! Listen to it now and pick it up from where we left you!!

The HIATUS SHOW ft. JASON CHU (co-hosted by Satty of Shibuya Crossing)

D-Pryde  - Adios
Plaitwrights - Ozone
Epik High - AMOR FATI
Masia One - Boyfriend
Larissa Lam - Wonder Woman
Clara C & David Choi - Darling It's You
MFBTY - Hollywho (feat. Dok2)
Model Minority - Wudaokou (The Beijing Student Song)
Talk Spot with Jason Chu
Jason Chu - MARVELS (ft. Sarah Jake)
JL & Manifest - Clash of the Titans
Flowsik - The Calling
Kawehi - Battlefield

ALSO : Please back Jason's latest project "Arrivals" on Kickstarter!

Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 203 - 01/14/2015 : DOC WHISPER
January 26, 2014 02:41 PM PST
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Welcome to 2014 and our very first episode of the year! OC MC Doc Whisper returns to speak on his latest project : A Writer's Life

Latryx / Close Your Eyes (feat. Busdriver)
Talk Spot
Shota Shimizu / tonight Boogie back (SMOOTH RAP) feat. Kato Miliyah & SHUN
Venus/Mars / Adieu
AILEEN XU / Iridescence
Connie Lim / Just As Good
Talk Spot
Masia One x Sir Giant / MAKE UP Sir Giant Remix
Far East Movement (feat Cover Drive) / Turn Up The Love (R3hab Remix)
Cory Lee  / Fashion Show (Wild Ace Remix)
Talk Spot
Epik High / 420 (feat. Double K, Yankie, Dok2, Sean2Slow, Dumbfoundead, TopBob, MYK)
Eddie Quotez / In My Head
Plaitwrights / Warning
Talk Spot
Doc Whisper / Log On
Talk spot w/ Doc Whisper
Doc Whisper / Little One Pt. 2 (Prod. by Furis)
Lil Crazed / I Wanna Fly Ft. K.i.D
Gunnarolla / Get Some Food (Feat. Songs To Wear Pants To)
MC Hotdog  / Male student female student
Talk Spot
JR Aquino / This Time Around
Nine Muses / Soulmate Woman
Crystal Kay / Goodbye
Talk Spot

Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 202 - 12/17/2013 : HOLIDAY HEAT 3 ft. Brooke Taylor
December 18, 2013 07:00 PM PST
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For this year's Holiday Special, DJ Mister Vee brings you lots of surprises! New Christmas tunes AND... BROOKE TAYLOR speaks on her new project with VENUS/MARS!

Co-hosted by Patricia of CJLO's Funkshui!

Notorious MSG / Double Happy Christmas
George Nozuka / On This Christmas
Talk Spot w/ Patskratch
Brooke Taylor / Resurrection
Talk Spot w/ Brooke Taylor
Brooke Taylor / Revolve
Traphik / We Wish You a Merry Christmas (feat. Andrew Garcia)
Lil Crazed / Santa Claus ft. Tommy C
MC Jin / Christmas Rap
Talk Spot w/ Patskratch
YTF / Christmas Swag (ft. Ryan Higa and D-Trix)
AAA / I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
The Quiett / Soulful Christmas ft. 화나 & Kebee
L.E.O / Christmas Jinx feat. JK Kim Dong Wook
Talk Spot w/ Patskratch
Sophia Moon / All I Want For Christmas is You
Thelma Aoyama / This Day feat. Dohzi-T
Elise Estrada / A Christmas Wish
Talk Spot w/ Patskratch
Noella Choi / Silent Night
Mikey Bustos / Be Mine At Christmas Time
Gunnarolla / O Holy Night (ft. Chris Tsujiuchi)
Talk Spot
Epik High / Gangsta Santa
Far-East Movement / Christmas In Downtown LA
BoA / Christmas Time
Blush / Christmas Lights
Talk Spot w/ Patskratch
Endcap: Megan Lee / Winter Wonderland

Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 201 - 12/10/2013 : Manifest
December 11, 2013 08:20 PM PST
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Virginia MC/Producer MANIFEST joins in to speak on his brand new album RAP NATURE!

Chunk Dirty / It's Chunk Dirty
Talk Spot
JL / Guaranteed Raw ft. J-Smaals, Manifest, & Lyricks
Talk Spot w/ Manifest
Manifest / Like That
Far-East Movement / Fly With U (Feat. Cassie)
Keyrei / Love Sensation
Clazziquai / Love Again
Jey Flores / the End
Talk Spot w/ Jey Flores
Jey Flores / Filipino
Rocky Rivera / Ain't No Way
D-Pryde / No Sleep (Feat. Joe Budden)
Gentleman's Vibe / Ms. Melody ft. Renz (Prod. KTHX)
Eddie Quotez  /   Game Over
Talk Spot
Jazmin Sisters / Laid Back
Aoyama Thelma / RHYTHM
Aziatix / Nothing Compares to You
Talk Spot
Awkwafina / Queef
Sabotawj / How We Rock
Southeast Cartel / Kami Naman
Talk Spot

Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 200 - 12/03/2013 : RAIEL
December 11, 2013 01:26 PM PST
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Vancouver RnB Singer/Songwriter RAIEL joins in once again to speak on his debut EP - Hybrid


Misnomers / For What It's Worth
Talk Spot
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down / The Feeling Kind
Baiyu / Glory
Buga Kingz  / Like
Uptown / Birthday
Belly Out / Vibe Like '95
Talk Spot
Latyryx / It's Time (feat. Zion-I)
Jolly.V / Vs Up
Chops / Oh Yeah ft. J-Key, Rekstizzy, Hoya
Lil Crazed / Eyes On You ft. Pia Mia
Talk Spot
Gentleman's Vibe / Bravo
AILI  / This L.U.V. -English ver. ft. Warren G
G.Na / Loving You
Talk Spot
Raiel / Set it Down ft. Franco
Talk Spot ft Raiel
Raiel / Gone
Venus/Mars / Resurrection
Masia One / HLMF
Aileen Xu / Magnetic
Talk Spot
Notorious MSG / Beef Street
Airplane Boys / Little Brother
KEN THE 390 / What's Generation feat. RAU DEF, SHUN, KOPERU, Hidaka Mitsuhiro a. k. a. SKY - HI
D-Pryde / Got a Story to Tell
Talk Spot

Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 198 - Guest Host : Saturn De Los Angeles 11/19/2013
December 01, 2013 07:24 PM PST
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For this episode, Saturn De Los Angeles (of the rookie CJLO-show "Shibuya Crossing") fills in for the absent DJ Mister Vee. Shibuya Crossing airs every Friday morning at 8am, only on CJLO!

Latyrx – Arrival
Jazmin Sisters - You

Honey Cocaine -  Me N My Toolie
The Airplane Boys - Still Young
Plaitwrights -  dear dancer
COPPU Ambient -  四季 Remix
Utada Hikaru  -  Automatic
BONNIE PINK -  A Perfect Sky
Vandal - Dusty Wonton ft Masia One
Drunken Fists - All in the Game
Southeast Cartel - Its All Right
Midichronica -  San Francisco
Dreamz  -   Can't Dance
Naya Marie -   Divine
Nine Muses -   Times up

Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 197 - 11/12/2013
December 01, 2013 07:10 PM PST
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Bambu / Crosshairs (featuring DJ Q-Bert)
Talk Spot
Chops / Mission ft. Hopie and Erika David
J-Reyez / Gotta Thank 'Em (feat. Thai)
Heesun Lee / I Break Stereotypes (feat. MC Jin)
J.O.A.L. (Jumping Off Analytical Lyricism) / This One (ft. Rocky Rivera)
Talk Spot
Coma-Chi / Awareness
Sakura / hirogaru rhythm
Naya Marie / Material Girl
Talk Spot
Clazziquai Project / Chocolate Truffles
Jay Park / JOAH
George Nozuka / Valentine
Honey Cocaine / Money Murderer
Christina Chung / Worth It
Miss Cat / Game Over ft. Uptown
Blush / Ain't Nobody Got Time For That
Talk Spot
Drunken Tiger / Time Travel ft. Yoonmirae and Bizzy
Soriheda / Seolheun (With Soulman & Minos, Soulfish)
M-Flo / Loop in My Heart (m-flo loves EMYLI&YOSHIKA)
Hand Polished / Goodtimes
Brooke Taylor  / Stay
Wanting / Love Ocean
Melissa Polinar / Embrace Hope
Talk Spot
Vienna Teng / In The 99
Raygee / Hello
Big Kish, Dan-e-o, Maestro  / WORLDWIDE VAPOR
Talk Spot

Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 196 - 11/06/2013 : ROCKY RIVERA
November 05, 2013 09:57 PM PST
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ROCKY RIVERA - The First Lady of Beatrock makes her return to BFTE, as we speak to her about 2pac, the Ellis Act, hyphy, and (of course) her latest album, Gangster of Love!

Belly Out / Couple Shots ft. Sickboi and Ctru
Talk Spot
Wanting / STHU
CHOPS / No Turning Back ft. Dumbfoundead Paul Kim -
Soul Company / Shadows Are Also Made In Heaven
Epik High / Paranoid delusion Part 3 (feat. TBNY)
Talk Spot
Krystle Cruz / Do You One Better
Gray / Gangerous ft. Jay Park
Coma-Chi / Return of the Bad Girl
Clazziquai / Embrace the most pro
Talk Spot
Kristine Sa / I Got What U Want
George Nozuka / Pay Attention
Andrew Huang / Fever
Rocky Rivera / Gangster of Love
Talk Spot w/ Rocky Rivera
Rocky Rivera / Shine
Baiyu / Paper
Jhene Aiko  / Bed Peace ft. Childish Gambino
9Muses / Whatever
David Choi / This is a Way
Reena Lynn / Goodbye Summer
MissCat  / Game Over
Talk Spot

Beats From the EAST on CJLO - Episode 195 - 10/29/2013 : ROCKY SANDOVAL
November 01, 2013 09:53 PM PDT
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Tacoma, WA, Soul/RnB singer Rocky Sandoval joins in for talk about his career, working alongside legends, Ric Flair, and all kinds of other grooviness!

Kina Grannis & Marie Digby / The Keeper
Talk Spot
Raiel / Set It Down (feat. Franco)
Rocky Rivera / Wake Up
Alexander Spit / Down
Epik High / 420 (feat. Double K, Yankie, Dok2, Sean2Slow, Dumbfoundead, TopBob, MYK)
Snacky Chan  / The Jazz
Talk Spot
AM Kidd  / I'll Walk you Home
KEN THE 390  / Miss You Feat. COMA-CHI
Shota Shimizu  / More Than Anyone Else Thought
Talk Spot
Wanting / Time, My Friend (Feat. Far East Movement)
Boombox Saints / O
George Nozuka / Win Your Love Again
Talk Spot
Rocky Sandoval / Heart Slows Down
Talk Spot w/ Rocky Sandoval
Rocky Sandoval / All Night Long ft. Leezy Soprano
Mike B.  / Grammy Night ft. Julia Harriman
Talk Spot
Chops / Revolution ft. Kiwi, Ruby Ibarra, DJ Neil Armstrong, Ann One
Belly Out / Here We Go ft. Paradise and DJ Zo
Masia One  / Freedom ft. Sizzla Kalonji
Cory Lee  / L.O.V.E.
Talk Spot

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